Buns Made Easy!!

Posted by Sheridon Tregonning on

No dancer’s kit should be without a KySienn Magic Bun Maker.

Whether it’s your first time having to make a bun, or you find yourself with having to change your dancers hairstyle in a matter of minutes, the Magic Bun maker is your answer.

Quick and easy to use as well as comfortable to wear, the bun maker will help you to achieve the perfect secure ballet bun.

At a very affordable $7.00, it will be the best $7.00 you’ve ever spent!

Available in 5 colours:

  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

We recommend using the bun maker in conjunction with KySienn hair or bun nets and bun pins for a clean polished look.

Shop the range of KySienn Hair accessories here:


To see how easy it is to use, check out this great instruction video KySienn have put together.

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