Dream Duffel 'Squares" Small - PRE ORDER

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New release Dream Duffel pattern is here!

The ultimate dance bag that allows you to easily organise all dance gear.

Make sure you PRE ORDER yours today to avoid disappointment.

Limited Edition - Small Squares - Complete Package

Duffel Dimensions: 56cm x 38cm x 46cm
Overall Dimensions: 65cm x 48cm x 48cm (includes pockets, wheels, and trolley handle)

Holds Approx. 3-5 Costumes
Storage Volume: 5,940 in3

Weight (Empty): 6kg.

Complete Package Includes: 1 Small Squares Dream Duffel, 1 Regular Garment Bag, 1 Wooden Hanger, 1 Accessory Box, 1 Black Folding Stool

Black Dream Duffel Features:

  • One-Touch Telescoping Garment Rack (Rack Height 132cm)
  • Rolls with Ease with Retractable Push Button Handle
  • Lift and Carry with Top and Side Handles
  • Insulated Snack Pocket
  • Folding Stool Pocket
  • Interior Mesh Pockets for Additional Storage
  • 4 Interior D-Rings on Trolley Side of Duffel
  • Exterior D-Rings for Attachments
  • 2 Blank Velcro Patches for Personalization
  • 2 Top Bar Clips to hold your Top Bar to the frame of your bag
  • Double USB Port (To be used with your own portable battery pack and charging cord)
  • Mini Bonus Pocket for cell phone, water bottle, or other small items